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About ADI Time - Web Edition

Employees and supervisors can use the Web Edition of ADI Time to record, view, and edit time and attendance information through the Internet or your corporate intranet. ADI Time Web Edition is easy to use, flexible and scalable, so that you can easily update your configuration to adapt to your changing business needs.

Because ADI Time Web Edition uses the same base technology as ADI Time, it supports many of the same features of ADI Time. The following features are unique to ADI Time Web Edition.

  • Collect employee activity data from any Web browser or mobile device, providing convenience to employees on the road
  • Provide employees browser-based access to their information, including benefit balances, schedule and timecards for review and approval
  • Give supervisors access to real-time employee information through a browser, including the ability to review, edit and approve employee timecards
  • Provide more control over costs by establishing schedule budgets that enable managers to schedule employees within budget limitsUtilize the powerful on-line reporting capability to identify labor trends, providing information online, hardcopy, in email, or exported for use in other applications

ADI Time Web Edition supports mobile access that enables employees to quickly and easily enter their time from any WAP enabled device, cell phone or wireless PDA, while eliminating the need for investing in data collection devices or badges. This mobile support also empowers your employees with self-service. At any time of day, from anywhere employees can enter all pertinent recording information.

Licensing Options

ADI Time Web Edition supports Microsoft .Net technology and is available as a secure, Internet-based ASP solution that includes services for application hosting, access, networking, all with single-provider service and support. Our ASP model allows you to implement ADI Time and Labor solutions affordably and quickly, without burdening your IT staff.

Contact us to see how our Web based time and attendance solution will help you.


ADI Web also allows your employees
to submit leave requests on-line. This will eliminate paper forms while streamlining your leave request and approval process.

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