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  Powerful Reporting


Time and Attendance

Reduce payroll preparation time by up to 80% with our time and attendance software solutions. Capture employee activity data using a time and attendance data collection method of your choice, and then calculate the labor costs by applying your organization's pay rules as they relate to each employee.
  • Accurately enforce the company's pay policies
  • Eliminate manual preparation of paper timesheets and time consuming labor management tasks
  • Provide accurate labor / job tracking
  • Utilize the powerful reporting capability to identify labor trends

Benefit Time

Simplify your leave management process with automated tracking and monitoring with our time and attendance software program.

  • Monitor and track employee vacation time, sick time, personal time, etc.
  • Ensure consistent granting of employee leave time
  • Calculate employee leave balances accurately
  • Provide employees with access to their leave balances, eliminating HR inquiries
Attendance Points

Apply your attendance policies consistently throughout your organization, increasing visibility of labor costs with our time and attendance software.

  • View, add or edit point balances and notifications
  • Automatically generate points for infractions
  • Easily identify employee attendance trends
  • Automatically charge benefit time for absences
Human Resources

Streamline critical HR processes by combining HR information with time and attendance for the most effective labor management.

  • Keep track of vital employee profile information
  • View, add and edit employee benefit time
  • Improve information access
  • Eliminate redundant data entry

Improve efficiency and decision-making in scheduling of staff.

  • Develop schedules to budget
  • Save time by creating schedules for individuals or groups
  • Support labor deployment decisions
  • Make scheduling changes easily
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combination of over 100 standard reports.

can be previewed on the screen, printed, exported and emailed.

Easy to use reports provide critical employee, scheduling and historical trend information to increase productivity and assist in day to day decision making.

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